Mobility Buying Guide

Types of Wheelchair

There are two main types of wheelchair available on the market – transit and self-propelled wheelchairs.

Transit wheelchairs have been designed to transport users over short distances, with handles fitted onto the back for an attendant or carer to take control of pushing the chair.

Self-propelled wheelchairs are operated by the user, and are fitted with large wheels and handles which allow the chair to be manoeuvred and turned.

Both transit and self-propelled wheelchairs are ideal for packing away for storage and are easy to transport, great for taking with you on days out or holidays.

Bariatric chairs are also available for larger users, while smaller, paediatric chairs have been designed for use by children.

What to consider when buying a Wheelchair?

Will youl be using your wheelchair inside or outdoors. Certain models are fitted with tyres better suited to outdoor terrain.

Will your chair be easy to fold and transport, handy if you intend on taking it away with you in the car, or if you’re limited when it comes to storage space.

Certain models can be adjusted to fit your requirements.

Type of Wheelchair?

If you’re able to manually push yourself, and are looking for a way to stay independent, then a self-propelled chair would be suitable.

If you require the help of an attendant or carer, then a transit chair would be a better choice.

What else may I need when buying a Wheelchair?

There are many wheelchair accessories to help keep you comfortable while out and about. Cushions and chair pads give you added support, storage bags will keep your personal belongings safe and within reaching distance.

If you use a stick or cane, you may also want to buy a holder, handy for those moments when you want to take a walk. 

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