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Reasons to trust Orange Badge Mobility Services for your Mobility Scooter

We are the premier supplier of Mobility Scooters  in the South East, we have supplied thousands of mobility scooters, we can also arrange home visits within a certain distance of our showroom.  

We have supplied Mobility Scooters in East and West Sussex and the South of England: Brighton; Lewes, Crawley, Seaford; Worthing; Hastings; Haywards Heath; Uckfield; East Grinstead; Chichester, Burgess Hill; Horsham, London… to name but a few

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters can offer you a great deal of independence. There are a lot of different types available - prices can range from under £400 to over £5,000, depending on the size and quality of the scooter. With so much variety, think about what will suit you. Our assessors will guide you to a scooter that's comfortable, easy to use and suited to the tasks you want to use it for..

In our Mobility Centre, along with a huge selection of Mobility Scooters, we also have Powerchairs; Riser Recliners; Adjustable Beds; Wheelchairs; Walking Aids and Bathroom Solutions, we also have Straight and Curved Stairlifts on display for you to try. We stock the largest choice along with testing areas and employ fully qualified assessors at our mobility equipment centre.


The assessment process

There is a great deal of importance of getting an assessment before buying a mobility scooter, to determine whether a mobility scooter is appropriate and which model(s) best suit your needs. We carry out detailed assessment either in the comfort of your home or at our huge assessment centre . This assessment covers your needs and wishes, your capabilities and relevant environmental and lifestyle considerations. We also take care over the delivery of the mobility scooters we sell. Where needed we unpack and assemble the product on delivery and ensure the user has a chance to familiarise themselves with it and determine whether it will be suitable. Along with the offer of full lifetime, servicing and repairs, we are only a phone call away.

Pavement vehicles

Class 2 Mobility Scooters are only used on pavements, they are suitable for people who have difficulty walking. Class 3 Mobility Scooters can be used on roads as well as pavements.

Class 2 Mobilty Scooters:

  • are battery operated
  • have a maximum speed of four miles per hour
  • don’t require a driving licence but it is recommended you get some instruction
  • can sometimes be dismantled to fit in the boot of a car, transportable
Transportable Mobility Scooters
  • can often be used indoors and outdoors.

Class 3 Mobilty Scooters:

  • are battery operated
  • have a maximum speed of four miles per hour on the pavement and eight miles per hour on the road
  • don’t require a driving licence but it is important you get instruction on using the vehicle before you take it on the road
  • need to be registered with the DVLA for use on the road, licensed in the ‘disabled’ taxation class and display a nil duty tax disc
  • We also have mobility scooters suitable for off road
Off Road Mobility Scooters

More on Scooters


Because they are not a primary source of mobility, they have design elements, such as swiveling seats, to make it easier to get on and off during the day.

Also, unlike a power wheelchair, the scooter is controlled by a tiller with handlebars in front of the user rather than a controller on the arm so you can’t pull them up to a table or desk.

Scooters have three or four wheels, typically with two larger wheels in the rear and one or two in the front. Three-wheeled scooters tend to be lighter in weight and have a smaller turning radius, making them easier to maneuver, particularly indoors. Four-wheeled scooters are generally heavier and somewhat more stable outdoors over rougher terrain.

They can have rear-wheel or front-wheel drive. • Speed and range varies from walking speed of about three miles per hour to 10 mph, and 10 to 30 miles of range on a battery charge.

Speed and power up hills also depends on the torque of the motor, with lower torque providing more speed and higher torque more power. • When and where you will use your scooter can help you choose between a smaller travel scooter and a standard/midsize or heavy-duty/larger scooter.

Travel scooters typically are lightweight, designed to be disassembled quickly into 4 or 5 smaller, lighter components that can be stored in a trunk of a car and reassembled at your destination. Travel scooters also have user weight limits and offer less speed and distance than standard or heavy duty ones. Standard or heavy-duty scooters have more features, and generally require a scooter lift attachment or specialized accessible van with ramp to transport. Larger scooters are often too large to maneuver inside an average-sized house or apartment


Seating - How many hours a day do you expect to use your wheels?

Does your medical condition affect your ability to sit up, balance, or change position?

Your comfort, posture, pressure points, and/or stability while using your wheels will depend on how you are seated in the wheelchair or scooter.

• The seat and back, or seating systems are often sold separately, which allows you to select the features you need. However, check to be sure that the seating system is compatible with your wheeled mobility vehicle. • Cushions may be part of the seating system or separate. Cushions may assist in support and correct positioning, as well as prevent pressure sores by reducing or shifting pressure off the buttocks—a key danger point if you have trouble changing positions. Cushion types include air, gel, foam, and honeycomb.

• Power wheelchairs, because of their modular construction, often have customized chair-style seating systems. Scooters usually have a chair-style seat with a back and armrests, although some lightweight scooters may have seats without a back or armrests. • It’s important to get all the correct measurements, particularly the width and depth of the seat, and the support in back of the chair.

Seating is one area where you should talk to us about,  to determine the best solution for your health, safety, and comfort.


The Motability scheme provides an alternative supply model for mobility scooters, which includes maintenance, insurance and roadside recovery as well as assessment, assembly and familiarisation as described above as part of a package of “worry-free” mobility. It is available only to people in receipt of higher rate mobility component of DLA or the enhanced rate mobility component of PIP. Call 01273 473838 today for more details.

Full On-Site Service Support

This part of your purchase should be considered very carefully. Orange Badge Mobility Services prides itself on an excellent reputation for its after sales support for repairs and maintenance. Providing replacement batteries, spare parts, accessories and detailed testing capabilities for all the electrical and mechanical products we offer. If your equipment becomes faulty, you have the comfort of knowing that we will attend to your repair quickly and efficiently. Most repairs are normally dealt with on site, however if more detailed testing is required to find a fault or conduct an annual maintenance service, we will use our fully equipped workshop facilities to carry out this work. After the fault has been diagnosed and resolved or the annual maintenance servicing has been completed, we will return the vehicle or equipment to you as soon as possible, in full working order. This service is available to all our customers for the entire lifetime of their chosen product!

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Supply of Mobility Scooters

We have supplied Mobility Scooters in East and West Sussex and the South of England: Brighton; Lewes, Crawley, Seaford; Worthing; Hastings; Haywards Heath; Uckfield; East Grinstead; Chichester, Burgess Hill; Horsham, London… to name but a few


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