Can be used on roads as well as pavements (Class 3). These Mobility Scooters are sophisticated, luxurious and usually larger than 4mph scooters. All have lights, indicators, mirrors – and much much more.
  • Drive Envoy 8 (Mobility Scooters)

    Drive Envoy 8

    Our Price: £1,995.00
  • Drive Cobra (Mobility Scooters)

    Drive Cobra

    Our Price: £2,995.00
  • TGA Maximo Plus (Mobility Scooters)

    TGA Maximo Plus

    Our Price: £2,995.00
  • Invacare, Comet Pro (Mobility Scooters)

    Invacare, Comet Pro

    Our Price: £2,795.00

    Out of stock

  • Invacare, Comet Ultra (Mobility Scooters)

    Invacare, Comet Ultra

    Our Price: £2,995.00
  • Invacare, Orion PRO (Mobility Scooters

    Invacare, Orion PRO

    Our Price: £2,495.00

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