Mobility Buying Guide

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Reasons to trust Orange Badge Mobility Services for your Mobility Powerchair

We are the premier supplier of Mobility Powerchairs  in the South East, we have supplied hundreds of mobility powerchairs, we can also arrange home visits within a certain distance of our showroom. 

Mobility powerchairs can offer you a great deal of independence. There are a lot of different types available - prices can range from under £400 to over £5,000, depending on the size and quality of the powerchair. With so much variety, think about what will suit you. Our assessors will guide you to a powerchair that's comfortable, easy to use and suited to the tasks you want to use it for..

Powerchairs / Power wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs generally fall into two broad styles:

(1) a traditional style that essentially adds a motor, battery, and controller to a manual-type wheelchair frame; and

(2) a platform style in which a seating system with controller is installed on top of apowered base, often with two larger drive wheels and four smaller caster-type wheels. Platform-style power wheelchairs also differ from traditional ones in that they come in many configurations, such as tilting models with reclining seats to change position and pressure points, models with adjustable seat-height and models that lift and support the user in a standing position.

Mobility Powerchairs at Orange Badge

Type of Powerchair?

User-controlled powerchairs give back independence and freedom to the user. Fitted with a remote control on one of the padded armrests, the user is able to determine where they want to go with the help of a handy, easy-to-use joystick.

Attendant-controlled powerchairs are ideal for anyone who requires help from a carer. With the controls fitted onto the back of the powerchair, the passenger can relax as the attendant takes over.

What to consider when buying a Powerchair?

There are certain key components you need to consider when purchasing a powerchair. The first is whether you intend to use the chair indoors or outside.

Indoor powerchairs are smaller and more compact in their size, with a tight turning-circle making them great for manoeuvring around objects and obstacles.

Outdoor powerchairs are designed to be bigger and bulkier in size, able to take on a whole host of different terrains and inclines.

You also need to consider whether you intend to transport the powerchair. With many sizes and weights available, some are easier to transport than others.

What else might I need?

There is a whole range of powerchair and powerstroll accessories available to make your experience as comfortable and user-friendly as possible.

If you are sitting for long periods of time you may want to consider purchasing a cushion or pad to help improve your posture, as the sitting position can put a lot of pressure on your lower back.

Other examples of ideal accessories include a waterproof cover to protect your powerchair/powerstroll from the elements if you intend to store it outside, as well as handy bags that can be attached to the backrest of the chair to store your personal items within easy reach.