Walk in Baths

Walk in Baths – see them working!

Simply come to our showrooms in Lewes to see our full range of walk in baths. Many of them are plumbed in and fully working – unlike any other showroom in England. Our experienced staff members are more than happy to talk you through the options.

We can even plan and install your specialist bath, or a complete bathroom.

Walk in Bath Showroom


Plumbed in

You can see many of our most popular walk in baths in action. You can turn on the taps and see them in action at our large showrooms. Look out for this ‘plumbed in’ symbol.plumbed in walk in baths

Massive Showroom

Our showrooms are easy to find on the outskirts of Lewes, Sussex. We have so much space we can give you more choice – plus you can see, touch and feel them for yourself, so you can make the best choice at the right price. You’ll also enjoy easy parking and a warm welcome.Huge Mobility and Walk in Bath Showroom

One stop bathroom solution

Our highly knowledgeable and friendly team is ready to help and advise you every step of the way. We can design and install your complete new bathroom or wet room, including all your specialist bathroom equipment, tiling, flooring and even matching toilet and basin. one stop solutions walk in bath and shower

Choose the luxury spa option

Our luxury, multi-jet spa option can be ordered with all of the baths shown with this symbol. The therapeutic effect of this gentle, warm air massage system has to be experienced to be believed. Spa options for walk in baths


Walk in Baths – just step straight in!

Simply walk into your bath through the door! We have a wide selection, both full length and tub style, all safe and secure. We can supply and install your bath in the colour of your choice with matching fittings, including showers and curtains. Ask us about the luxury spa option!

We will also provide any other associated works necessary to complete this installation for you ie:  flooring/tiling etc. so you will always end up with a wonderful finish. Call us for advice and help.

The Little Gem Walk in Bath

Little Gem Walk in Bath

The Little Gem walk-in bath with moulded seat is for areas that can’t take a full sized bath, such as a cloakroom or even the corner of a bedroom.

The bath is very stable for people with balance problems, and it has a low entry level. Features antiscald to TMV3 standard, and an anti-slip floor.

• Easy door operation with palm pad
• Thermostatically controlled water temperature
• Choice of 3 seat heights for comfort
• 16 jet spa option available
• Available in any colour

The Classic Walk in Bath

The Classic Walk in Bath


The walk-in bath with moulded seating position, smooth, classical lines, and easy to use. Features a low entry door, anti-scald to TMV3 standard, and an anti-slip floor. Plus two wastes, which empty twice as quickly as one. 

• Available in any colour
• Optional extension box means 1 day fitting, as no tiling or new floor covering is needed!
• Easy door operation with palm pad
• Thermostatically controlled water temperature
• Choice of 3 seat heights for comfort
• 16 jet spa option available

The Luxor walk in bath with built in lift

The Luxor Walk in Bath


The walk-in bath that also gently lowers you right to the  bottom of your bath – effortlessly and balanced, thanks to its dual motor action.

When you’ve finished bathing, pull out the twin waste plugs that empty twice as fast as a single waste. Then press the button and the belt gently lifts you up into a sitting position from which you can stand up easily.

The unique electronic water controls (UK only) are conveniently placed to turn the water on and off. The thermostatic valve is to TMV3 standard to prevent anypossibility of scalding.

You can also choose a separate shower system.
• Available in any colour
• Easy door operation with palm pad button
• 16 jet spa option available

The Duet Walk in Bath

The Duet Walk in Bath


Because there is no internal seat, the Duet is ideal for homes where one person is unable to enter an ordinary bath and so would otherwise require a walk in shower – but other members of the family would prefer to use a bath.  Bathers can recline full length as there is no internal seat. Simply press the palm pad to open and click the door shut.

• Can be fitted in one day by our expert plumbers
• Available in any colour
• Low entry door
• No internal mechanism to knock against
• Anti-slip floor in shower area
• Most types of bathlifter can be fitted at a later date, if required.

For more options for all your walk in bath and bathing needs click here

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