HomeGlide Extra Stairlift

HomeGlide Extra Stairlift
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The HomeGlide Extra stairlift for straight staircases provides a premium stairlift for those who want the ultimate in options, luxury and elegance.

With a choice of fabric colours and compact dimensions, HomeGlide Extra is an elegant and attractive addition to any home. The HomeGlide Extra has the simplicity that allows the stairlift to be installed very quickly. Fitted directly onto a staircase cleanly and discretely, the stairlift glides effortlessly along an aluminium track.

All Access BDD stairlifts are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the latest European Standards to ensure maximum safety to all users

All our stairlifts are secured to the stair treads and not the wall

Access BDD stairlifts can be installed within less than a day causing minimal upheaval to the home

Complete after-sales documents and instructions are provided so that you can be sure that when your installation engineer leaves the customer with the product, they will have everything they need for their stairlift

Access BDD stairlifts are very simple to operate either via an ergonomically designed switch on the armrest of the stairlift or via wall mounted remote control ‘call and send’ units

Due to the slim-line design of the Access BDD range of stairlifts, the majority of the staircase is left clear for other members of your household when the stairlift is folded up in its ‘park’ position


  • Comfortable: Ergonomically designed seat which is shaped to the user
  • Attractively designed: Designed to be a feature of your home, rather than just a mobility product. You can choose between six seating colours to determine the best match
  • Safety: Curved armrests fold inwards to make you feel more secure during travel
  • Suitable for all: The seat height is adjustable to five different positions when a powered swivel is used, so it can be adjusted for different users
  • Heavy duty: The capacity to manage weights of up to 146kg (23 stones) at a stair case angle maximum of 45 degrees
  • Easy to store: Folds neatly for storage, using its linked seat to footrest mechanism, removing the need to bend and manually to fold the stairlift
  • Easy on and easy off: A powered swivel can be added, to make getting on and off even easier
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