Mayan AC All Terrain Mobility Scooter

Mayan AC All Terrain Mobility Scooter
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British Made

The Mayan AC All Terrain Mobility Scooter is the worlds only genuine 3 phase AC powered production mobility scooter. Although it's smaller in size than most other 8mph mobility scooters the all terrain Mayan AC has the greatest power advantage by far!

With its 75A/H battery it climbs steep hills without being phased, can travel a distance of 25 miles and carry users up to 65 stone (423 kg).

For off road all terrain use it is unbeatable benefiting from the high torque delivered with the first turn of the wheel. The Mayan AC also has a no roll back function from stationary when pulling away on a steep slope. This also allows for easy steady slow climbing of rough tracks as there is no necessity to keep the speed up to maintain progress. The AC power allows for gentle climbing.

The Mayan AC All Terrain Mobility Scooter can be customised with almost limitless options including:

  • Off road, all terrain wheels

  • Turf Savers and Mud Guards, designed for use on grass just like a golf buggy

  • 3 Mode Power

  • Full Suspension seat

  • Weather Car with Hard Screen

  • 75 A/H Battery Upgrade

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Our Price: £7,495.00


  • 100% British Made
  • All-Terrain so you can go almost anywhere
  • Super-comfortable suspension
  • Extremely powerful and reliable
  • Long life wide range of accessories
  • Fit for all climates, including the British weather
  • Range up to 25 miles (40km)
  • One of the powerful mobility scooters on the market
Model Mayan AC
Manufacturer Horizon
Maximium User Weight 65 stone / 412kg / 910lbs
Length 147.5cm / 58 inches
Width 70cm / 28 inches
Height 129cm / 51 inches
Ground Clearance 12.5cm / 5 inches
Battery 2 x 12 V / 75Ah
Range Up to 40km / 25 miles
Maximum Speed 20km/h / 12.5mph
Front Wheel Size 36cm / 14 inches
Rear Wheel Size 36cm / 14 inches
Mayan AC All Terrain Mobility Scooter Product Video

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