Mercado Medic Real 9100 Plus

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Mercado Medic Real 9100 Plus
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ONE modular system – FOUR basic models A modern working-/special chair must offer supreme functionality, quality, ensure good ergonomics and look modern. The REAL 9100 PLUS does it all.

This chair is developed and manufactured in Sweden, and all its components are made using modern machinery. Stringent quality standards guarantees many years of usage. Living with leg weakness you need a reliable chair that can assist you in any situation. For that, you need outstanding function and quality. The chair has to be comfortable and also ensure that you sit in an ergonomically correct position.

The castors have to move freely and the brake has to be reliable so the chair remains securely in position when you stand up. At the same time the chairs functions has to be easily adjustable. The chair has to work in any situation.

REAL 9100 PLUS is an important mobility aid for indoor use The REAL 9100 PLUS-system consists of four basic models (see above). Our chairs helps users to be more independent by enabling them to perform tasks without assistance either at home or in a working environment. You can use either your arms or your legs to move the chair around. It’s easy to adjust the seat height electrically or manually and thereby ensuring an ergonomically correct position at the work surface. A large range of seats, back rests, castors, lifts and accessories makes it easy to create a functional yet comfortable chair. Feel free to take a look at our webshop at shop.mercado.se and build your own chair. A stable and comfortable PLUS-frame with a safe and easy to control brake

The REAL 9100 PLUS has a stable, welded frame with 360° castors and a safe and easy to use brake. The frame is small yet still offers plenty of room for the feet. As a standard, this chair is longer at the back than at the front to keep the risk of tipping over to a minimum. The brake system, with its individual brake legs and durable brake pads, ensures maximum friction on all types of surfaces. The brake has a computer calculated lift curve so it can be applied using minimal force. The ground clearance has been set to prevent snagging on carpets and thresholds. The brake bracket is adjustable in stages, allowing the armrests to be adjusted in width whilst still ensuring the brakes are easy to apply. If the user is still unable to apply the brake, an electric brake function is an optional extra. REAL 9100 PLUS – great ergonomics throughout.

The REAL 9100 PLUS has ergonomically designed hand controls so that the functions of the chair can be controlled with ease. The controls are readily accessible and easy to grip and they have clear symbols showing the intended function. The design of the seat, backrest and armrest, together with the adjustable angle of the seat and back, allows the user to select an ergonomically correct position according to their needs. This means the body does not have to be under constant strain, and the user avoids injuries to muscles and skeleton.

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Ballon The custom built medical working chair
  • welded frame
  • gas spring height adjustment, control mounted under armrest
  • seat angle adjustment
  • brake lever lowers 2 brake legs
  • height adjustable armrests, can be lowered to seat height for side transfers
Model Real 9000 Plus
Manufacturer Mercado
Maximium User Weight 23.5 stone / 150kg
Mercado Medic Real 9000 Plus (Powerchairs) Product Video

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